5 Best Link Building Tactics That Will Continue To trend In 2019

5 Best Link Building Tactics That Will Continue To trend In 2019

Link building was being declared dead for years. A lot of businesses who could not learn and adapt to the rules and the requirements of the skills and tools had to give up on link building. But Google has declared link building as the number one ranking factor and also the Google Core Algorithm is entirely based on links. It has been the same since the inception of Google. In addition to this, there are many other trends like influencer marketing.

Google has said that it cares about links more than anything else. You should be following the same. Today, we are going to talk about some of the important link building tactics which have already been present and will continue being important in 2019.

  1. Skyscraper Technique. The process of figuring out and choosing popular pages, enhancing them and reaching out to sites which can make them link to you is skyscraper technique. Choosing link-worthy keywords is important for this. Compare the site’s content with yours. Reach out to sites that connect with your competitors and approach them to link to your post.
  2. Offering Testimonials. A great way to boost your SEO is to drop interesting customer testimonials on a company’s website. Using customer feedback is a major of advertisement which can prompt the target audience to use the brand. In order to improve the sales and increase the backlinks, a customer testimonial can prove to be extremely useful.
  3. Using Infographics. Infographics have recently become very popular in link-building. The design varies as the level of creativity varies. An infographic requires an embed code that you need to generate which will then be added to your site. You can then pitch bloggers with the infographics and offer to share a post for them or you could offer it to the infographics sharing sites. You might have to pay the websites in order to host your infographics and need to write supporting content for them.
  4. Guest Posts. One of the major helpful tactics of link-building in guest posts. Good guest posts with amazing content never really go out of style. The web is in constant lookout for quality and authentic content, so guest posts will also remain important. Guest posting is done in order to earn links from top authorities and domains that are trusted. Having relevant industry websites for promoting guest posts is important.
  5. Product Reviews. Product reviews are a great way to help users in learning the features and usefulness of a product. The connection between the brand and the seller can be shifted in a way that helps in driving website traffic. Selling your products and trading it with a link is one of the best solutions.


These are just some of the top link building tactics that we have mentioned here. There are many other link building tactics that can be used by marketers that can be beneficial in driving website traffic.

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