5 Link Building Tools That Have Revolutionised SEO

(Newswire.net — October 13, 2018) — Despite the drastic change in search engine algorithms in the last few years, building high-quality backlinks for a website still remains important for SEO. The greater the number of high-quality links to a website, the higher the potential for higher rankings and more traffic.

There are many reliable link building tools used by SEO experts to build links. However, there are a few tools that are a cut above the rest and have revolutionized the SEO realm. These tools have provided SEO professionals new opportunities for building quality links to a web page and connecting with bloggers and influencers from various areas. In this article, we’ll highlight the five link building tools that have revolutionised SEO.

BuzzStream is one of the best link building tools out there right now. The remarkable features of BuzzSumo differentiate it from other mainstream link building tools available. BuzzSteam allows users to research prospects in less time and more effectively. Moreover, users can send outreach messages through the platform.

Establishing strong relationships is critical to link building. Users can personalize the message according to the recipient to build better relationships. BuzzStream also provides campaign tracking tool to determine the performance of a link building campaign.  

There are more than 875 billion backlinks in Majestic SEO’s index which makes it one of the most powerful backlink tools. The platform provides a variety of features that allow users to audit their website and determine the style of content that is most appealing to their audience. Furthermore, users can track where backlinks to their website are coming from.

Moreover, Majestic SEO can be used to research about competitors. Users can get an idea about the backlink profile of their competitor and devise a strategy to build similar links. The information about competitors can be obtained by entering their website’s URL into the Majestic SEO’s search box.

Many consider GroupHigh to be an influencer marketing tool and nothing more. That’s not true. GroupHigh is also great for link building if the user knows how to use it in the right manner. This tool allows users to connect with bloggers and influences and build relationships with them.

Users can target influencers and bloggers in their space. They can then use the tools provided by the platform to manage their relationship. The value of the content can also be measured through GroupHigh.  

Blogger outreach aids link building campaigns. The blog search engine of GroupHigh can be used to search millions of blogs by reach, content topic, location, social influence and MozRank. GroupHigh is great for growing a network and building relationships that will eventually help secure targeted and high-quality backlinks.

BuzzSumo is a phenomenal tool and nearly everyone in the SEO world is using it. BuzzSumo has grown in popularity in the last 6 years to quickly become one of the most widely used link building tools in the world.

BuzzSumo allow users to gain insights into popular content and industry trends so that they can create more shareable and linkable content. The insights provided by BuzzSumo can help users figure out what the most influential leaders in their industry are doing. This data can help them create a more comprehensive link building strategy.

Waseo from VM Interactive comments, “The thing I love about BuzzSumo is its ability to identify content that is working well in the industry as it allows me to tailor my strategy to focus on that type of content”

Ninja Outreach is a popular tool that is used by many marketers in their blogger outreach campaigns. There are more than 5 million influencers in the database of Ninja Outreach which makes it easy for marketers to find key influencers. Users can connect with bloggers and influencers in their niche to get those high-quality and authoritative backlinks.

Ninja Outreach provides outreach templates that can be customized to personalize the message. The emails can be automated and stats like reply rate, click-through rate and open rate can be tracked through the platform.

SEO experts who wish to build high-quality backlinks for their website should use one of the tools highlighted above for a successful link building campaign.

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