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5 Strategies to Build Links to Your Small Business Website

Any kind of business today needs a high-quality website to represent its goods or services in the best way. But creating the website is just a beginning. In fact, it is not enough to have a website: it should also attract as many people as possible. Moreover, they should not be just visitors; they should be people who are interested in what you have to offer. Your website needs to attract potential consumers.

However, getting traffic is not easy. One option is to launch a good SEO promotion aided by excellent SEO specialists who would help you to develop your business. They have the tools and the knowledge to implement the most effective ways to improve your ranking in the search engines including developing relevant backlinks and find the type of customers you need. But the majority of these methods cost money and we remember that you have a small business overloaded with many other expenses. So, let’s overview some free or money-saving ways of getting backlinks. 

Social Media and Blogging platforms

As you know, social media stopped being just a space for people’s communication. Nowadays, the most popular Social Media are great trading floors with a huge amount of advertisements. Today it is impossible to imagine that some people will advise your product or tell about your account on their page for free. We live in the epoch of millionaire bloggers who decide which product will be on top or just deserves to appear on their carefully verified accounts. However, we think that their time passes and today small accounts with a small number of faithful followers win over those commercial meccas. 

People stopped trusting. Now they trust those bloggers who reply to their direct messages, comments, who do not make 20 advertisement posts a day. And here is one more positive news. They do not cost a lot. Depending on your business, you can cooperate with them on barter terms.

But be careful with a choice of bloggers. Choose bloggers with your target audience. Do not sell luxury goods on account of a happy grandmother from the nearest village. For this purpose, you can use widely-known 

  • Instagram, 
  • YouTube,
  • Pinterest,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Facebook, 
  • Twitter and so on. 

But if you want to save money, pay attention to new booming Social Media, such as the TikTok platform. For a short time, it became more popular than Instagram. An advertisement there is not widely spread yet. Be on the wave!

Blogging platforms are for sure not as popular as other Social Media today. But still, they have a place to be. Moreover, as a rule, they dispose of trustful followers who are there for years. One more advantage of blogging platforms is that they can boast of an adult audience which is often more payable than children and teenagers on Social Media. One of the most popular ones is the WordPress platform. But sometimes blogging platforms have strict rules about publishing backlinks. So, be careful with that.

Specialized conferences

There is nothing better than representing your product in the place where there are demand and interest for it. These places can be conferences and specialized events. For sure, such events need careful preparation. If you take part in it you should give as much information about your product as you can. Give people the unique selling proposition, give them ways to solve their pain. Having done this, you will show your product to thousands of people and will get a backlink on the conference’s website. In such a way, people will get to know about you even before the event. If there are no events on your subject, you can consider being a sponsor of such events. 

Q&A and Reviews platforms

In our realities, we always refer to searching engines to find the necessary information as quickly as possible. And of course, one of the most popular sources of information are Q&A platforms. They inspire trust among us sharing some personal experience. So, it would be a nice idea to reinforce a personal experience with some useful backlinks. Backlinks on your business for example. 

There are also some platforms where people post their reviews about the products they try. Usually, these websites are specialized in some themes. For instance, there are platforms where people discuss cooking recipes, IT trends, beauty news, cosmetics, parenting issues and so on. As in any Social Media, there are popular users there. So, you can contact them and offer them to try your product for free and write a review. As a rule, people are interested in new products there and show high activity in comments.

We also recommend you to ask your friends, colleagues, and customers to share their reviews on the Internet. You have to be heard to get recognition. We understand that not all customers have time and desire to write reviews. But what if you reward them? Make a promotional offer for them. Discount, free trial, free shipping, promo code or anything else will motivate your clients to share their positive experience. 

Specialized promotion services

We are sure that the easiest way to get quality links is to refer to specialized promotion services. In this case, you will just do your job, and professionals will do their one. We assure you that it is pretty hard to make it better by yourself. Moreover, in some cases, you will even save more money using such services than using a trial and error method. First of all, they can lead your company from the very beginning until your appearance in the Top 10 of Google or any other search engine. They will help you to get as many organic and natural links as possible. To add more, it will be done as quickly as possible. The price, of course, depends on your niche, location, and the number of your active competitors. Anyway, we are sure that you would like to calculate the expenses before spending money. For this purpose, you can use a Free SEO cost calculator. Using it, you will understand if you can afford it now. 

Mentions about your business

It is also useful to google your product from time to time. You can also search on Facebook and use related hashtags on Instagram. If your business already works, people talk about it. So if someone has already mentioned your product anywhere but did not attach a link, you can ask an author to do it. We do not think that it will make any problem as the author is already familiar with your business. But again, you can refer to some encouragement like discounts, free trials and so on. You can also use Google Alerts and you will get a notification anytime someone mentions your business. Do not make any job twice and use this time for some other useful things. 

As you have seen, there are numerous ways of getting quality links for your site. All of them are quite simple but take a lot of time and sometimes money. However, the easiest way is to use special services that let you save time and money. And as you know, these resources are key in any business today. 

Royce Calvin

Royce Calvin

Royce is as passionate about Internet Marketing as he is with his ever-present cup of Starbucks coffee.

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