80 Common SEO and Technical Mistakes on E-Commerce Websites [Infographic]

What are some of the most prevalent technical and search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes on e-commerce websites? Which technology, security, performance, and content issues are many firms struggling with?

To find out, SEMRush used its Site Audit tool to analyze 1,300 e-commerce websites from around the world.

The researchers identified 80 relatively widespread technical and SEO mistakes.

Those issues had to do with crawlability (29% of the sites examined had broken canonical URLs), linking (53% had broken external links), content (83% had duplicate pieces), and security (72% of HTTPS sites had links to HTTP pages).

Check out the infographic for the full list of common technical and SEO issues on e-commerce sites:

About the research: The researchers used the SEMRush Site Audit tool to analyze 1,300 e-commerce websites and identify 80 common technical and SEO mistakes.

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