Authority is Priority: How to Get High Authority Backlinks

Looking for simple, modern and effective approach to enhance your business? Traditional SEO is expensive and time consuming, SEM costs are too high and they continue to increase. Social media is overcrowded, overloading everyone with content.

So, how can you stand out from the crowd? Establishing yourself as an authority in the marketplace is the fasted way to break through the noise. Whether you are the owner of retail shop, financial adviser, swimming pool manufacturer, or inventor, becoming an authority figure will help you become the “go to” person for your niche.

When you become an authority in your niche, you don’t have to worry as much about about SEO or SEM because your audience will actually be searching you out, and you will naturally attract loyal followers.

The Difference Between Authority and Expert

Becoming an authority in your niche is different than just being an expert. Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. Anyone can become expert just by reading books and publications. Doing this will increase your knowledge level, and anyone who has more knowledge on a subject than the average person can call themselves an “expert”.

To become an authority in a niche takes a little more. Becoming an authority figure means that you not only have the knowledge of an expert, but that people recognize that expertise and actively seek out your advice, opinions and recommendations in your niche.

Benefits of Being an Authority

Building authority within a niche will increase subscribers you have (if it’s a membership site) and the amount of organic (read free) traffic you’ll get through search engines.

Because an authority site delivers great content that serves the needs of their readership, users will stay engaged with your site with regular visits to see what’s new and will be much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter.

You don’t necessarily need to have a huge audience to become an authority in a niche. Cultivating and nurturing relationships with the right people can also position you as an authority within a niche. Websites like follow and publish articles from high authority sites.

This blog will brief you on how to build authority within your niche. Creating content specifically for affiliate websites in order to increase sales. If you haven’t figured it out yet, your authority must be priority.

How to Create Authority and Attract High Authority Backlinks

Creating authority within a niche requires that you become innovative. You need to offer your readership something that they can’t get anywhere else. If you don’t offer them something unique, there’s no incentive for them to choose your blog, take your advice or buy your product over anyone else’s.

Now, this may seem like a difficult thing to do, especially if you are in a niche that has a lot of competition. After all, you are all selling basically the same things. So how do you set yourself apart so that you stand out in a crowded field?

You can do this by making sure that your content has something no other content on the web has. Your perspective. By providing a unique perspective on a niche, you will provide the reader with a unique experience they can’t get anywhere else. A good example of this is the website If you go to the blog and read the posts, the author mission is clearly to help people with snoring and sleep issues. There are barely any affiliate links in the posts, instead he relies on providing information that helps the reader solve problems. By doing this he has made himself an authority that people trust. And guess what, the articles on this site get shared. He has built a trust with his readership, and people buy things from people that they trust.

7 Ways to Build Authority With Your Content

  • Keep it relevant, helpful and fresh: You might have lot of content to show on your website, but instead of jumping into lot of content right away, try looking at your brand from an outsider’s perspective. Put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor. Would you find your content unique? Does it help solve a problem or issue the reader is likely to have? Do you look desperate trying to get the reader to click on your affiliate links? Now, even if you pass all of the tests, you need to continually add new content to your site in order to keep it fresh and up to date. Long term success comes from repeat visitors.
  • Craft consistently and set manageable expectations: Creating consistent content on a regular schedule will add to authoritativeness of your site. It’s also a good idea to use different vehicles for your content. Obviously, blog posts are the most common way to add content, but you should also use videos (how to videos are really good), audio files and interactive content to your site. Webinars are another good way to create authority within a niche. But no matter what form your content takes, make sure that it is USEFUL! If it’s not useful, it’s not valuable and without value to the reader, the reader won’t provide value to you. Create content which fills up the buyer’s gap of information, and make it interesting, informative, and easy to access.
  • Teach through content: Create a user friendly site that helps people do everything they need (including purchasing on your affiliate link) easily and quickly. Show the reader how to solve a problem they have using both written and visual tutorials. For instance, YouTube is known for its user friendly status. Teaching through content is the easiest way to connect with your audience and show that your brand (website) knows everything about the niche and empower customers. When choosing content, think about some of the relevant questions your readers are likely to have. Then create your content based on answering those questions or solving those issues. Always focus your teaching tools based on the interest of the customers.
  • Diversify engagement opportunities: You have to create a variety of of content that encompasses all aspects of your niche. Doing so will will not only attract a more diverse readership, but it encourages return visits from your regular readers as well as high authority backlinks from other websites. One way to to this is by interacting with other industry influencers who are willing to share insights or other content to your website (you should be willing to do the same for them).
  • Pinpoint and contribute to authority building outlets: There are going to be website and other outlets that will help you to build authority in your niche. Trade associations are a great place to start. Most trade organizations offer their members a monthly newsletter or magazine, and they are usually open to content submissions from members. Ask if you can write an article for their publication. Make sure that it’s relevant to the readership as well as helpful, and whatever you do, don’t make it a sales pitch for your products. You are building authority, not selling! Other outlets that will help to build your authority include Facebook groups, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn interest groups. As well as bulletin boards and forums like Quora. You can also build authority by contributing to sites like HuffingtonPost, or any number of websites that allow guest posting. The key is to share information and solutions with outlets that will enhance your brand.
  • Use keywords wisely: Knowing how to find and use the proper keywords will make getting organic traffic so much easier. There are a couple of different strategies you can use with keywords, some people will opt for keywords that have fewer searches but the competition for those keywords is a lot less. Others will opt for keywords that have thousands, even hundreds of thousands of searches but the competition for those keywords is great. No matter what approach you take, a good keyword tool is a must. One more thing about keywords, don’t be afraid to play around with different variations on the same theme, you might just find one that pops.
  • Create a community and contribute: Developing a website which invites user feedback is a great way to interact with your readership. You can find out directly what’s on your target market’s mind. Use that information to shape your content and stay relevant. Other ways to interact with your market include webinars, creating a Facebook group and joining trade organizations. Ideally, you should do all of these things and be active and contribute to them on a regular basis.

How to Create Content That Builds High Authority Backlinks

Before even building a website you should have picked out your niche based on your interests and knowledge of the market. In other words, you should be starting out as an expert in the field. Remember that an expert is just someone who knows more about a subject than the average person.

You can start your blog by creating content based on your expertise and experiences. As you are writing, you will naturally come to areas where your knowledge is lacking. It’s going to be tempting to act like you have the answer and just fake it. Avoid this temptation! This is the beginning of your journey to becoming an authority in the niche. Take the time to research the areas you are weak in. Go to the people and places you trust and admire to learn from them. It’s also a perfect time to ask questions and interact with people who are already influencers in your niche. These contacts will come in handy later.

I’ve said it before, but it’s important. Your content needs to be relevant to your readership! Every piece of content should answer following questions;

  • How will this (knowledge, product or service) improve the readers life?
  • What is the most important idea that I’m trying to get across with this content?
  • Who is this content designed for? (Age, gender, education, economic status, interests etc)
  • Does this content speak directly to that audience?

By creating content that addresses these issues, you are turning your expertise into authority.

Creating a High Authority Website

  • Content and Website: When creating authority within a niche make sure you produce clear, quality content and have a user friendly website. Remember that appearance matters, so make sure you have a professional looking website.
  • Search Engine Authority: Search engines take into account your website’s “Authority” and factor it in when ranking your website. The higher the perceived authority, the higher your site will rank in search results. But creating authority in search engines is different than creating authority for yourself or your brand.
  • Brand Authority: Building brand authority is a function of establishing yourself as a leader within a niche. You do this by networking inside the industry. Joining and participating in trade organizations, Facebook and other social media groups and forums. Developing search engine authority requires developing backlinks.
  • Search Engine Authority: In order for search engines to consider a website “High Authority”, it looks at the number and quality of backlinks a site has.
  • What is a backlink: A backlink is just a link from another website that links back to content on your site.
  • Why are backlinks important: Search engines want to provide the best results possible for their users. Therefore they rank website results according to an algorithm that assesses many different factors. The way they measure a website’s authority is through the quantity and quality of the backlinks a site has. Their reasoning goes something like this. If a website has a lot of backlinks, that means that other websites consider the information found on that site to be useful. And because they want to provide the most useful search results to their users, a site with a lot of quality backlinks will rank higher than a site with no or low quality backlinks.
  • Quality over quantity, every-time: Not all backlinks are created equal. Search engines take into account the quality of your backlinks as well as the quantity of them. They do this by evaluating the site that the backlink comes from. If the backlink is from a site that is popular and has a high authority itself, then the backlinks are considered good or high authority backlinks. Backlinks that come from low quality websites with little or no traffic will not help your ranking in search engines, and may even hurt it. Because of this, I never advise people to buy backlinks. they are almost always low quality that at best will do nothing to help your site rankings and at worst, make you rank lower.

Ways of Encouraging High Authority Backlinks

  • Produce high quality content: It’s the number one way to get high authority backlinks. Think about when you are researching an article for your blog. How do you go about it? First, you research the topic by reading other people’s articles and blog posts. You then compile all that information along with your existing knowledge to create content for your site. A smart blogger will also include links to websites that can strengthen or validate the main points of the post. What have you just done? You have created a backlink to that website. Why did you do that? Because you found the information on that site to be relevant to your article. So what should you do? Create content that other’s will find useful and relevant to their websites, articles and posts so that they can link to you.
  • Guest posting: It’s just a fact that everyone is looking for valuable content to put on their websites. If you can provide someone else with content that their readership would enjoy and find useful, most website owners would welcome that. So don’t be afraid to contact other websites in related niches and ask if they are interested in exchanging guest posts. That way you can both get high authority backlinks that can boost the rankings of each website.

No matter what strategy you use to develop backlinks, focus on creating high-quality content that is interesting and helpful to both your readership and other bloggers and content creators. By doing this, you will attract high authority backlinks to your blog.

Final Thoughts on Building High Authority Backlinks

The internet has become the most important medium for virtually all businesses today. By creating authority within a niche, you are building your brand and expands your customer base. While most people understand the importance of social media in promoting products and services, very few understand how to use those outlets to create high authority backlinks. Buying ads and targeting customers can get almost anything a few sales, but long-term income is achieved by having a high authority brand that is trusted in the industry.

Building Authority must be Priority!

Building authority must be your one of your top priorities. It will take time, but I promise you that the results are worth the effort. Gaining the trust and respect of your readership will pay you back many times over. Just be willing to put in the work upfront.

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