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PROVO, UT / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2019 / BASE Search Marketing is a specialized link-building company founded on principles of ethics and integrity and built to assist you in raising your website and brand to the top of search engine rankings. As a team, we’ve grown with time and continue to seek new business partners, regardless of their field or focus.

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, BASE has established and continues to maintain a culture of autonomy and collaboration. Our experienced team of marketing professionals and writers enjoy the freedom to create effective and unique white-hat SEO strategies to acquire backlinks for our partners.

How does BASE work for you? Over the years, we’ve contacted and constructed an extensive network of websites that cover a vast array of topics and reach various audiences; these online contacts allow us to guest blog on their sites. For every partnership, we create and publish high-quality, original content that’s genuinely worth reading to our network. With the custom content in place, we link back to your site, improving your website’s authority in the search engine algorithm. We tailor every link to each partner rather than rely on link-building software or outsourcing, and we don’t use PBNs, comment spamming, or directories – when you work with BASE, BASE does the work. All of our network sites are indexed, provide follow links, and are ranked favorably in Google’s eyes.

From start to finish, the
takes a little over a month. That’s one month standing between you and improved SEO rankings.

We’re ready to work with you. No industry or niche is too obscure; whatever your keywords or your focus might be, we can handle it and will build you the kind of custom links that make search engines sit up and take notice. To learn more and get in touch with BASE, visit our website:


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