Best Los Angeles SEO Agencies Earn April 2019 Awards from 10 Best SEO

Best Los Angeles SEO Agencies

April 24, 2019

In its latest group of monthly awards, 10 Best SEO has named Directive Consulting as the Best Los Angeles SEO Agency for April 2019.

Search engine optimization (SEO) services are key to the success of any small business, nonprofit or other entity. In order to be found by consumers who are doing a search online, the site needs to have a first-page rank on at least one set of commonly used search terms or a long-tailed key phrase. The best SEO agency researches these words and phrases and takes a look at what the client’s competitors are up to. The top SEO agency tracks performance of its clients and the clients’ competitors over time in order to make updates to the marketing campaign as they are needed. Choosing the best Los Angeles SEO company is not easy, which is why the 10 Best SEO list was established. Take a look at these top three SEO performers out of the 10 local agencies operating out of the Los Angeles area.

Leading the top three performers for the best Los Angeles SEO companies is Directive Consulting. This small firm has between 10 and 50 staff members. Directive Consulting is known for its expertise in SEO on sites and for pay-per-click advertising. They can combine these services in order to gain more visibility for clients.

Another firm to consider for SEO services in the Los Angeles area is 180fusion. Being a leading SEO agency, 180fusion is a medium-size company with between 50 and 250 full-time professionals. The associates at 180fusion offer both local and global SEO services. The local SEO services are ideal for service providers such as plumbers and roofers who need to increase their number of local customers.

Websites Depot is a top SEO firm with between 10 and 50 marketing professionals. They are known for their SEO work around specific industry niches, such as legal firms and dental practices. The professionals at Websites Depot put in the right links and tags in addition to updating a site’s content with relevant key phrases. The firm also monitors site performance when there is an algorithm update.

This is a brand-new monthly award implemented by the 10 Best SEO listing service. The top performers change over time, so any business owner who needs an update to their SEO should come back every month in order to see what is new on the list.

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