Boost Your Logo Business Marketing with SEO & Link Building

Boost Your Logo Business Marketing with SEO & Link Building

Link building can be one of the most perplexing business marketing strategies out there, particularly because it deals with a lot of back-and-forth between you and prospective partner influencers and bloggers. A lot of people tend to be impatient with link building because you need to wait for results to see if your concept “clicks” with that influencer’s audience. However, despite this “setback,” link building can actually work for your logo business.

It might help to have a super quick refresher as to what link building is and why it’s important. When search engine optimization (SEO) rose to popularity, links actually played a big role in determining the rankings of websites — and the main principles behind this are still applied until today.

When many relevant websites link to you, the more “relevant” your site becomes. Given the existence of many kinds of websites, “relevant links” expanded to a ton of other variables, which will be discussed below.

Build Links to Build Connections for Your Logo Business

When you want to improve your business marketing, companies like NO BS Agency suggest that you get into link building. Aside from providing you the exposure your branding needs, the potential of gaining conversions is also very attractive.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Propel your content through link building methodologies: When you create content, it should be informative and relevant to your niche. This is basic SEO. However, you have to up the ante and make sure your content is optimal for good link building as well. When you make articles about your brand or in your niche, make sure you consistently use keywords and phrases that rank well. Add these words to the link of your piece itself. This ensures that when people use your content as sources, the backlinks will be optimal for your link building development.
  • Strategize your guest blogging approach: Calculate your guest blogging efforts as well. As much as possible, work with bloggers and influencers who have a stable audience, a good following, and a website with the good user experience. It’s essential that you choose a blog that’s also relevant to a niche or a niche you’re related to, so when people get to hear about your blog, your potential partners and viewers also expand. Likewise, the chances of you being linked back by equally authoritative figures will also increase.
  • Make graphical content and multimedia work in your favor: Content is king, and this doesn’t just mean blog posts. Remember, when you make content, they have to be digestible and easy to understand. Pictures, graphics, infographics, and video content fit this category. While blog posts can be skimmed, videos and pictures will most likely grab more attention. When you make the video and/or photo links related to keywords you’re using, chances are your rankings will be increased.
  • Get your social media presence up and going consistently: When you want to do correct link building, never ever neglect your social media presence. Social media platforms have revolutionized today’s marketing and can be a good way to propel both link building and guest post endeavors. Share new updates, images, and posts to make sure search engines are aware of your presence. This also allows you to easily provide your audience with valuable content, courtesy of your brand.
  • Leverage on the existence of broken links: Try to find broken links in authority websites, and make content for them. When you do, email the owners of the websites and suggest they use your content to fill up their broken link. This solves two (2) issues. First, you solve their problem with a broken link. Second, you almost always get a free pass on a guest post. This is extremely helpful, as you’re substituting a broken link with one of yours, and you’re leveraging on the power of that website to appeal to a wider audience.

The Takeaway: Logo Business Marketing Boosted with Link Building

When you have a logo business, it’s tricky to market yourself as a unique brand, especially in terms of link building. However, creative approaches to link building can actually propel your logo business to the top of its marketing game. Apply the above tips and employ logo business marketing by using your best asset — logo creation.

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