Building Backlinks the White Hat Way Using Advanced Google Search Operators

Let’s face it. Building white hat backlinks is hard. But with Google cracking down on all types of black hat SEO strategies, there’s not really much of an option, is there?

But if you really think about it, you will find that if you can build white hat links more effectively, it will give you quite an edge over your competitors.

So in this article we will discuss some quick and easy ways of finding white hat link building opportunities using advanced Google search operators.

Guest Posts

Guest posts have been one of the most popular types of white hat links, and they are usually also one of the easiest to get. So you can get started with finding guest post opportunities in your niche by using the following search operators:

Keyword “guest blog”

Keyword “guest blogger”

Keyword “write for us”

And a lot of other variations of this search operator that are listed in the infographic. Besides these, you can also replace the “keyword” in these search operators with your competitor’s name to also find the sites they have already used for making a guest post on. This is a great way to learn SEO.

Resource Pages

Resource pages are established pages in a niche that list other useful resources in that particular niche. They are a much more scalable than guest posts, or even most other types of white hat links for that matter.

A couple important requirements for them, however, are top-notch content and the ability to find and contact hundreds of resource page owners.

Here’s what you would need to use to find them:

Keyword “top 10 resources/”top resources”

Keyword “top 10 sites”/”top sites”

Keyword “top 10 tools”/”top tools” (particular useful if you have developed a tool in your niche that can be useful for your potential audience)

And the many other ones as well that are mentioned in the infographic.

Niche Directories

Niche directories are basically sites that list all the other sites in a particular niche, and usually have no special requirement, with the only exception being that some of them do require a small fee to be paid for getting listed.

Here’s the search operators you need to find them:

Keyword “add a site”/”submit a site”/”suggest site”

You can replace the “site” in the above search operators with other words to find more opportunities, as you can see in the infographic here.

Donation Links

Donation links can often be very powerful links as well, if they have not been abused and don’t link out to hundreds of other sites from their donation pages.

As the name suggests, donation links are basically a link that you get from the donation or contributors’ page of a non-profit organization’s website when you make a donation to them.

These are the search operators that may help you find donation link building opportunities:

Keyword (for US)

Keyword (for UK)

Keyword (for India)

And more that are listed in the infographic. Similarly, you can also use the following terms:

“donate for”

“donate to”

“donate now”

And so on.

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