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Century Link building 1-gig fiber optic network in Boulder


CenturyLink is building a new fiber optic project in Boulder, which the company in a news release Thursday said will bring One gigabit fiber internet service to an additional 12,000 homes and 500 businesses.

“CenturyLink’s fiber build project in Boulder will not only deliver higher speeds, but also offer the bandwidth capacity to enable next generation technologies, which is critical given Boulder’s standing as an innovative, tech-forward city,” said Guy Gunther, senior director of consumer investment strategy at CenturyLink, stated in the release.

The project will be a rolling turn-up, which means that once areas are complete, residents and businesses are eligible to sign up and begin receiving services immediately. Construction on the project is expected to finish this summer, according to the release.

Boulder residents who wish to learn more, and sign up to be notified when fiber gigabit service is available in their neighborhood, can visit

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