Google Fixes Issue With Search Console Index Coverage Report

Google confirmed the issue with missing data in Search Console’s index coverage report has been fixed.

The only thing left to fix now is the backlinks report, Google says:

“The issue with missing fresh data in the indexing reports in Search Console has been resolved. The only report that still needs some time to update is the backlinks report. Thanks for your patience!”

So that’s the latest chapter in what has become the month-long saga of Google’s indexing bug.

It all started on April 4 when SEOs and site owners began complaining that a large number of their site’s pages were missing from Google’s index.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed on April 6 that there was a technical issue affecting the search index.

During the week that followed Google posted updates to Twitter, reiterating that the issue is being worked on and would be resolved soon.

On April 10, Google confirmed the issue was resolved in search results.

Several days later, on April 15, Google confirmed the issue was still lingering in Search Console and affecting the index coverage report.

Nearly a month after the issue was spotted, here we are on April 30 and Google is confirming the Search Console issue is fixed.

Is that the last we’ll hear of the Google indexing bug? We’ll have to wait and see, but there’s bound to be something else around the corner.

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