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High-Quality DA Backlinks/ Manual Outreach Campaigns


One of the most effective ways of gaining access to Google’s first page is using quality backlinks from sites with high domain authority.

Through hyperlinking, you connect your websites with others for correlation hence improving your site’s SEO ranking. The more you get access to the famous sites, the more Google will welcome you with open arms.

However, this is easier said than done. And It doesn’t mean that you have to beg to get link shares. You can use these three rare but proven tips for manual outreach campaigns and get strong links from high-quality sites.

Crafting Content that Creates Engagement

Strong, sharp, and crisp writing is a rare commodity. It’s the reason why some content generates more links than others. But that is not all. A reader will not be baited by your article title alone. They need some beautiful visuals that trigger emotions and compels them to read the first paragraph.

According to Healthy Links, a well-known blogger outreach service from London, here are some useful tips that will make your content more engaging;

Making your Content Interactive

If you didn’t know, only 10% of readers would stay on a page that has no images or add-ons. It makes the article look grey.

90% will read a lively article. Whether it’s by using videos, asking questions, interactive PDFs, and photos, readers will spend more time on your page. This means that your content has s high chance of being shared as a backlink on other sites.

Not forgetting your Evergreen Content

The above diagram shows data retrieved from the MOZ Google algorithm Change History. It shows a topic that the website kept updating to match current information over time. On a closer look, you can notice that the total backlinks were over 44,000 from 3500 domains.

This is the miracle you can expect if you don’t forget your evergreen content. Believe us in this; some readers are interested in the things that took place a long time ago. They will scroll down on your website since they get content that gives them answers.

Making use of Infographics

Did you know that 80% of people will read an article because of the visual colours? This makes visuals the best content anyone can share hence a quality backlinking opportunity.

With infographics, a reader has an easy time to scan through an article and get the main points. If they find it interesting, they dig in to read the full content.

It’s, therefore, not surprising that loads of other websites will link back to your site as they share your infographics on social media or their sites.

Writing List Posts More often

Let’s face it- people are lazy, more so if you give them a 5000-word article with the chunks of paragraphs. They’ll lose interest in the first few paragraphs. Who would love to backlink to such content?

As technology develops, people want things they can assimilate faster, and mega-guides don’t work here. They need content they can easily follow the flow and get tons of information in the process.

That’s why listed posts take the cake. The content can be skimmed easily as it creates a feeling that they’ll be through faster as they jump from one line to the other.

To prove this argument, BuzzSumo did an experiment using one million blog posts. They found out that listed posts are good at getting backlinks from social media and have a high chance of going viral more than their mega-guides counterparts.

Take More Time to Work on Your Off-Page SEO

Many websites take most of their time to work on their sites on-page SEO. There are many strategies they can use, but that’s not all.

What they don’t know is that off-page SEO and backlinking has an equal role to play in their keyword ranking.

Plus, you can conduct backlink audits and get the sites in which your competitors get their links from. Yes, you may have links from similar websites, but you must get one or two in which they are beating you.

If these sites can accept your pitches, you can add links to your articles as you post on their websites. You can use SEMrush to help you out in the process.


Authoritative websites indeed receive hundreds of thousands of guest posts requests for backlinking. And they cannot grant everybody this request. What will set you apart is creating a personalized email to make them accept your pitch. You can have a look at to understand what we mean.

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