Learn How Important the Backlinks in SEO!

Learn How Important the Backlinks in SEO!

Search engine optimization or SEO involves many different tasks or moving pieces and each of them are very important to the strength and health of your online website. Even, Backlinks are the important aspect of search engine optimization as they will help to build the website’s domain & page authorities that directly contribute to the search result rankings. But, importance of backlinks can extend much further than this.

With SEO Melbourne Services, you will easily be able to know where the traffic comes from or how the users interact onto your website. We will help you to develop the sound SEO strategy that must definitely include the strong backlinking plan, as the quality and thorough backlink portfolio is very important for many different reasons to get covered below. When you consider search engine optimization for your site and start to familiarize yourself to these strategies therein, let’s fill in the importance aspects of backlinks and best practices of building the backlink portfolio.

What’re Backlinks?


Backlink is one link from a website page to other. They will link different pages on a same website or between the domains. The links from the external websites are called Inbound links (or IBL’s) and incoming links. Since search engine’s algorithms now have become highly complex, the backlinks have become very less important, though they contribute to authority and strength of the website. The domain & page authorities are the direct indicators on how the authoritative search engine’s think about your website. more authoritative your website is, higher it can get ranked for targeted keywords that you select during the keyword research.

Ways to Get the Backlinks?

Now, you know how much important is backlinks for your site’s performance in the search results, and building the strong backlink portfolio will be an important part. However, getting backlinks will be the time consuming & tedious process. Fortunately, there’re many ways to get he backlinks, and each of them are beneficial for the website’s backlink portfolio.

Blog Comments

One more way to get backlinks for the website is visiting the authoritative websites, read the blogs or comment on them by expressing the appreciation for quality content and asking the thoughtful question. Obviously, in commenting on a post, you would leave the link to your site. These are possibly going to be the nofollow backlinks, but, they still can help you to build the relationship with some other authoritative sites & businesses in industry. Irrespective, make sure you are commenting only on the relevant and appropriate posts for the industry. Or, linking in the comment might come as spam and website will just remove your comment.

Local Directory and Online Submission

Listing the website in online or local directories can give you the strong backlink, though; it might be the nofollow backlink. Irrespective of, directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, or Four Square make this simple for the potential audiences to find the website or read reviews, or to determine if you’re a right provider. In addition, Google’s My Business web pages enable you to list the business & website on the Google Maps, and making it very simple for the customers to get you. Make sure you use the right name, address & phone number across all directory online listings in order to avoid any potential confusion.

Guest Blogging

The best strategies to get quality follow backlinks is guest blog for some other websites of your industry. It is far very time-consuming than other options that we have mentioned, however, this is the right way of building best-quality of backlinks. For performing guest blogging, you have to research the quality websites in industry as well as know which ones will accept the guest blogs. Then you will have to make sure you’re writing content, which fits their guidelines or submit this for approval. Make sure you include the link back on your site somewhere in a copy, since it is an entire purpose of the guest blogging. Whereas you can find that a lot of websites will not be interested in the guest blog, and others may oblige considering free content that they will get for the backlink.

Backlinks Quality

Combination of the backlink ‘quality’ and volume of the link sources has also proven to be the valuable combination for determining the quality search results. Whereas backlinks aren’t only signals that Google use to rank the search results that they remain the valuable signal.


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