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List of 20 Top Blogs in India – 2019


If you are looking for an authentic list of the top Blogs in India which is based on objective parameters, then this list is what you are looking for. While these blogs may have started as single-author blogs, many of them have now become multi-author blogs. We have listed blogs started by Indian bloggers who stay in India.

Most of the Best 10 Indian Blogs or Top 10 Indian Bloggers lists which we see on the web today are subjective in our opinion and feature mostly Blogging-related sites only, ignoring the other niches.

To display the real picture we wanted to use a parameter using which we could use objectively to rank the blogs – and what better criteria than the web traffic that it gets? That one criterion encompasses content quality, optimization, backlinks, SEO, etc. Now to compare web traffic, we decided to use

While the traffic figures mentioned against each blog may not be accurate – they can be considered as good estimates for ranking purpose – which is after all the objective of this post. Since the web traffic figures are estimates, the margin of error is expected to impact all blog traffic figures to a similar degree. The Alexa Rank has its limitations – but is a popular metric loved by bloggers to compare blog traffic – and so it has been mentioned as well, for reference purposes.

Top Blogs in India

Top Blogs in India

1 15.24M 3,417
2 8.86M 5,234
3 8.01M 5,683
4 7.36M 9,746
5 5.30M 11,926
6 5.0M 10,071
7 4.19M 38,846
8 3.66M 7,453
9 2.84M 17,737
10 2.15M 20,055
11 1.96M 24,314
12 1.95M 29,602
13 1.86M 15,914
14 877.82K 34,377
15 745.42K 71,039
16 676.18K 82,550
17 598.18K 74,806
18 504.96K 118,307
19 481.46K 47,373
20 480.31K 57,646

Let us take a look at in a line or two what these blogs focus on.


This is one of the best Windows 10 blogs when it comes to Troubleshooting, Feature discussions, Freeware, and How-tos. This blog has Microsoft MVPs as authors & offers solutions based out of the experience.


If you are looking for some of the best Linux Tips, Hacks, Tutorials, and Ideas, this is your one-stop blog. Right from shell scripting to Linux troubleshooting. You got it all!


Staying with the Linux, this site offers best Linux tools, programming tips, Online courses, and more.


One of the oldest & respected blogs of India which offers some great tips and tricks. Sadly it’s not frequently updated but still has evergreen tutorials.


Guides are always relevant, and this is one impressive site on guides on anything tech. They offer step by step guide which even a novice user can understand.


If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest cybersecurity news platform and in-depth coverage of current as well as future trends, this is your one-stop computer security news blog.

7] VegRecipesOf

Love making food? Check out this blog which offers not only great recipes but also provides an option to print them out with checkboxes. That’s what makes this website attractive. You can print it, follow the steps, keep ticking what you have done, so it makes sure you don’t forget anything.


This blog maintains a history of how economics is changing in the country. It evaluates, expounds and showcases entrepreneur and changemaker. So if you want to get inspired or want to keep yourself on the edge, this one is for you.


This blog offers tips and tricks on anything on Windows computers.


It’s probably the best Indian blog when it comes to the Apple ecosystem. It covers products, services, how-tos, reviews, selection of accessories, news, views, and more.


One of the first websites that started on Mobile Phones in India. This site age backs to when we had phones with buttons. News, Reviews and much more here.


Based on Windows, it offers Registry tweaks, troubleshooting guides, tools, etc.


A different one in the list, if you want to learn about blogging, and other tips around it, it’s a good place to start.


This one is dedicated to SQL. if you want to learn or find new tips around SQL, this is your one-stop blog. You can check on Video tutorials, interview questions and more.


We all love free software. It saves a lot of money! So if you are looking for free software for your computer, this website has got you covered.


Like Windows News? This blog is good at getting you Microsoft news as fast as possible.


This blog offers content that stands out. Not just reviews, but opinions on topics that matter. Apart from this, you might also want to check their TechAds section which deep dives into company advertisements.  


Its another blog on Microsoft Windows troubleshooting & how-to guides. Sticks to the point always!


It is a news and opinion website around Startups, Telecom, Indian Business and technology.


This blog is dedicated to Microsoft Excel tips, charting tutorials, visualization ideas, and tutorials. You can download examples, downloadable workbooks, and more.

While this list might not be perfect, but we have not only analyzed more than 100 websites but also checked on how it does differentiate compared to others.

Top Indian blogger earnings

This is a question most new bloggers have on mind. An believe me when I tell you, it is very difficult to estimate. Try to understand – the online earnings of a blogger will largely depend on their niche and the quality of their web traffic. Organic traffic pays more and if it is from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, etc., the earnings could be potentially higher.

A few useful tips for new bloggers:

Don’t waste your time reading those ‘Learn how to make quick money’,  ‘I will show you how to make $100000 in a month’ or ‘I will show you how to exponentially increase your organic traffic in 1 month’ kind of blogs. They may or may not be making that kind of money, but if they are, they may actually be making such money by selling you ‘hope’ or eBooks on ‘How to make money’. What would be interesting to know, is that if they weren’t selling such material, would they still be making such money? It would also be, actually interesting to find out HOW MANY who read such blogs or buy such eBooks actually end up making even 10% of his figure! You see, most such sites make money, by telling you, how to make money – in short by selling you – Hope!

Blog with Passion. Blog with Conviction. And blog consistently. Don’t blog to make money, blog to build a reputation. The money will follow…and so will traffic and satisfaction!

If we have missed out any blog based on this criterion, let us know. Or if you have any observations or feedback to share, please do let us know below in the Comments section.

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