Move Past Beginner’s Level Link-Building Practices to Improve SEO

Holly Rollins, President of 10x digital, explains how to take your link building practices to the next level with content marketing and more. 

Digital marketers have used link building campaigns for years to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and boost SEO. Links are a very important part of Google’s ranking algorithm, alongside fresh content.  If you try to rank without backlinks it is very difficult. White-hat link building should be a large portion of any digital strategy. If you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to move past beginner level and start thinking outside the box. Leverage your content team and your resources to try these advanced link building tactics to improve SEO:

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Create a well-researched study, survey or ranking

Conducting a survey is a great way to gather fresh data that can be used for link building efforts. It’s important to do your research on the type of survey and questions you should be asking to maximize your outreach potential. Sometimes it’s best to work backward. Here are two research methods for surveys that have proven successful for us:

  • Figure out a gap in data/content in your industry, where you can provide insight that isn’t already there. Ex: new trends, new products, new services
  • Piggyback off data that is popular and expand on it.

After you organize the results of your survey, do something creative with the data. Have your design team craft an Infographic or your content team writes a blog post.

Offer a scholarship

What better way to give back to students who aspire to study your industry or area of expertise than to give away a scholarship to help them do so! Create a landing page where your scholarship will live, with all the necessary requirements and form field for students to apply. Next, craft an outreach strategy where your team will post your scholarship and earn links from every major directory, catalogue, scholarship website, school website etc. Links from .gov and .edu websites typically show a lot of credibility, but they can be hard to earn. Offering a scholarship is a perfect solution because it’s authentic, charitable and can really help you build your backlink profile. 

Create a helpful resource for others to link back to

While publishing relevant, consistent blog posts is a best practice, in terms of leveraging content to drive backlinks –think BIG CONTENT. What type of tool or resource can you create that is educational, informative and truly link-worthy? For example, it could be an industry-specific guide or eBook that users can download. Include plenty of resources in your actual content piece and then show each resource the finished product in order to gain even more potential. The key for leveraging your content for link building, is to think about your audience and create something that has value or is helpful. At the end of the day, value is the basis of content marketing and can be the difference between getting a link or not.

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