Result-Driven Trends in 2019 to Get Backlinks from Quality Websites

Links are one of the primary factors used by major search engines including Google to rank website and pages. This simply indicates that if you want to rank better in Google, then you must follow result-driven link building tactics for your website or blog.

building is such an important thing.

You want more links, and
yet it’s not so easy to get.

We all want more and more
inbound links to create better search ranking for our website or
blog. We need links to achieve consistent
growth of website organic traffic. We need links
to create better domain authority. We need good links to generate
better revenue.

There is so much information about the link building and you need to find the most relevant tactics to build a sure shot link building strategy.

So, we decided to write a
comprehensive post to help you with the result-driven practices of
link building for your website.

Why you need a link building strategy for your website

Creating quality content
is the best way to get better inbound links to a website.

Backlinks create a big impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. Hence, there are many bad practices used by some website owners to gain backlinks such as link exchange networks, purchasing/selling backlinks, etc. These types of practices are not recommended by the search engines and results in deindexing and penalties by Google and other search engines.

Backlinks are required to
create a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine

Use a backlink checker tool to know and analyse links on your website.

ways to get high-quality backlinks in 2019

Getting high-quality backlinks is one of the oldest and most effective SEO strategies.

The quality of links determine how useful and trustworthy your website is! The more credibility it has, the higher it would rank in search engine.

All the major search
engines including Google view each link to your website as a vote of
confidence in the quality of your content. You must be offering
something in value to make another site willing to cite you as a
source and direct the users away from their own site in favour of one
of your pages.

Backlinko founder Brian
Dean shows a simple formula to build high quality backlinks for your
website in 2019, which says:

Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links

Following are the smartest
ways to gain high-quality links to your website or blog to make a
higher search visibility to gain massive online traffic through
organic search.

  • Publish
    extensive content

Content is the key element
of your SEO strategy for pushing your website to the top of the
search engines. A well written and informative blog post is awesome.

Usually a blog post that
provide actionable tips and stepwise guide helps other to learn from
your advice.

In addition, try to write a comprehensive post with over 1,000+ words as studies show that the content with 1,000+ words tends to get more shares and backlinks.

For creating a complete and extensive guide you can give links to the most credible tools or websites for their research. And you can get a favour from these when they link back on their website to your post. That’s how valuable content can attract many good links on your blog or website.

Developing long form
content, creating tutorials, writing case studies, and providing
reviews for others are the best form of actionable content that gives
better results in search ranking with high quality backlinks.

The quality content on
your website is like a fine ship which transport your message to a
great distance to the wider target audience and act as a vessel for
your logical explanations and interactions.

ata-driven content generates 283% more backlinks than content that isn’t data-driven.

Invest your time and effort to create data driven and high-quality content.

Your success in quality link building depends upon two factors – how well you research and analyse different websites. Analyse your competitors with the help of an organic competitor check-up to find out your competitor’s link building opportunities.

  • Broken
    link building

Every link on a website
linked to another webpage online and some of these gets eventually
broke or shows a page that no longer exists. Even the most popular or
trustworthy websites suffer from broken links.

When a user clicks on the
broken link and landed on a 404-error page telling that the page no
longer exists. It provides a poor user experience and user quickly
switch to other sites. Also, broken links makes it difficult for
search engines to crawl such a page and indexing your website.

Broken link building
provides a fix to it! It is a great way to build valuable links on
your website.

The process involves a simple strategy- find the pages with broken links and tell them by offering a chance to replace it with your valuable content with a valid link. Use a broken link recovery tool to find broken links opportunities.

The content, of course,
will be on your website. Make sure you have a rock-solid content on
your website.

In this strategy everyone
wins- the site owner will have lesser broken links and the visitors
will see more updated content and fewer 404 error pages. And you will
get a quality backlink.

There are some useful tools that can help you in finding the most relevant topic in your industry or niche. Use this tool to find popular content written by a specific writer or a keyword in your niche.

Place a keyword or
writer’s name in the search bar to discover the most popular
content for the given topic.

Here you’ll get an
opportunity to place a link on the content that has been already
created rather than creating a new content. You just need to find
broken links to avail such link building opportunity. Draft an email
and tell the site owner that their content is linking to a dead
resource and offer your own content to replace it.

That’s how you can
simply ask for a backlink in return for the help.

  • Guest

Guest posting is one of the most popular link building methods. It’s a win-win for both sites- one gets quality links and the other gets free high-quality content to share with their audience.

The links can be placed in the author bio section or you can place them in between the content wherever it is relevant.

However, advanced guest
posting technique is required to build quality backlinks as Google
has warned against low quality guest posting.

Make sure to write for
only trustworthy and relevant sites. To find a high quality and
niche-relevant guest posting opportunity, you can start searching the
following search strings in Google search:

Here are a few of the most
effective search strings:

  • Keyword”
    + “guest post”
  • “keyword+
    “write for us”

And you’ll get these
results quickly:

Now, its seems easy and
you need to rectify the most relevant platform that allows guest
posting on a similar topic that you cover on your blog or website.

  • keyword”
    + “This post was written by”
  • guest post
  • guest blog
  • Google Blog Search

Head toward Twitter and
enter a board search string to find guest-post opportunities.

Also, you can use BuzzSumo to find more guest post opportunities. The tool helps you in finding guest post opportunities by analysing posts by recording their social shares along with a bunch of other details. It also helps you identify the key influencers to approach for sharing and promoting your post.

The tool will also show
you backlinks on a post on a website along with total shares. If you
write a guest for popular A-listing blog, you’ll get huge traffic
to your website along with big shares and mentions to your guest
post. Isn’t it awesome?

Pick a target topic and
search for the people and platform with most shares of the topic.
From here you’ll get an idea about whether to write on a topic or
not. Also, it gives you an insight about content popularity. You’ll
get a list of people sharing the similar post on their social
channels. Create a list of these people and start approaching them to
share once your post is ready.

  • Interviews

Conducting industry experts interviews is a great way to include influencers in blog post on your website. First, you need to identify top influencers in your niche to start with interview link building.

Publishing expert’s
interview on you blog opens an opportunity to leverage the existing
following and your readers will get some unique and expert opinions
that they can easily trust.

Try social media to reach
influencers for the interview or you can create a clear, concise and
personalized email to reach the key influencers in your industry.

If you have created some similar interviews in the past, then you must include the links in your email or message so that the person can get an actual idea what the interview is going to be like.

Study the previous
interviews of the person so that you can ask new and related
questions. Prepare all the questions for your interview and make sure
that your audience will learn something new, that’s the main

Email all those websites
with proven track records of sharing interviews on similar subject
and ask them to check it out. Ask people to share the interview on
their social channels as well.

If the interview is a video, make sure you’ll share the link or code at the end of the video, with a request to share.

Don’t forget to leverage
your relationship with fellow industry experts to gain shares,
mentions, and links.

Also, you can use a linkbuildingquery generator tool to find the best opportunities.

That’s how interviewing
experts or influencers of your industry can generate more useful
links to your website.

  • Infographics

Are you producing good
quality content and still not getting much organic traffic?

While SEO has evolved over
the years, but backlinks remains one of the most important SEO raking
factors for your website or blog.

Infographics are easy to
digest, fun to share, and extremely engaging. A beautifully crafted,
easy-to-navigate, and well-researched informative infographic is what
you require to gain more backlinks and search traffic to your

Creating an infographic
involves a process of brainstorming to decide the best topic that is
a good fit for the infographic. Then you need to create good and
catchy copies and easy to analyse graphics for the infographic. Make
sure that your infographic should not have more than 7-10 data

Don’t forget to add
embed code at the bottom of your infographic, so that interested
people can share it on their blog or website by copying and pasting
the code.

Also, place your logo on
the infographics and provide all the social icons to make it easy for
sharing on the social networks.

After publishing your
infographic on your website, it’s time to start outreaching with a
small descriptive short blog. Create a list of related influencers
and publishers who would love to share it on their site. Make sure to
share the infographic and mentions on your social channels when gets
published on any influencer’s blog or publisher’s website.

created a visually attractive, data-centric infographic that holds
values for readers and you can see over the time it has gained many
inbound links and huge search traffic to the website.

Also, the infographic has been shared by major websites in the same niche. That’s the power of creating a data-driven and visually compelling infographic.

Strategically place your
information with proper space around the text to make it look good.
Creating beautifully crafted data-centric visual content. It is one
of the best proven method to create content that attracts lots of
backlinks and attract more and more users to your website or blog.

  • News
    Syndication Networks

Quality links cannot be
gained through link exchange, buying links, private blog networks,
commenting, paid native networks and any other procedure or technique
you may have encountered.

The best way to generate
high-authority links is by creating valuable content that is
interesting, relevant, helpful and newsworthy. If your content is
worth sharing to a news publisher who will want to write about the
content themselves, then you should consider following three things
to make the success counted.

  1. Develop data-driven
    newsworthy content
  2. Understand properly
    who to pitch for natural syndication
  3. Write an effective

If your content gets
picked up by any news site, then you will be able to enjoy widespread
syndication of your post or story nearly everywhere. Finally, you’ll
be able to generate good quality backlinks and tons of traffic to
your website.

  • Network

In this modern time,
online networking is the key to business success. Website like
LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter presents immense opportunities to get
in touch with leading influencers in your industry.

Join influencer’s groups
and invite them to join your professional network. These online
networking channels gives you opportunities to build strong and close
relationship with the leading professionals of your industry.

Once you’ll be able to
cultivate your relationship with these industry experts and
influencers, sooner you’ll be able to catch the fruit of your
consistent efforts. From here you can directly pitch about guest
post, ask them to share valuable content and convince them to get
backlinks from their websites.

a doubt, your link-building strategy can sky-rocket if you follow the
right people and build good relationship with them. Once you’ve the
quality content ready, approach your network and share your content
with the right industry experts who will share your content easily.

These are the sustainable
link building practices you can apply to attract more quality links
to your website in 2019. Just make sure you create quality content
that everyone loves to interact and share.

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