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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Medic Update Advice, SEO Tips, Featured Snippets, Search Console, Manual Actions & More


This week in search, I covered what SEOs are doing about the Google Medic update, and how you can report issues to Google around it. Google said taking old content and relabeling it as new is not a good SEO hack. Google says content position is not that important, when they said the opposite not long ago. Google says they crawl pages that are more important, more often. Google seems to have fixed the video carousel swarm this past week. Google launched the expandable featured snippets. Google has ported over more features to the new beta version of the Google Search Console. Google added a troubleshooting section to the job posting structured data documents. Google Search Console is sending useful HTTPs notifications. Google manual actions are not over one bad link, ever. Google doesn’t always show the “more results” button, they sometimes show the “next” button. Google My Business insights expanded their query sources. Google local panels can now show your past visits. Google launched member pricing for Google One users. Google hotel location scores are now live. This is your last reminder to submit a story about how Matt Cutts has helped you. I am sad to report the SEO industry lost another member, Michael Streko. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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