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Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed trying to build SEO backlinks for your items? Are you finding yourself spending way too much time trying to create a backlink Web? Have you even heard of a backlink web or indexing your backlinks? Would you just rather have someone else deal with backlinking your listings while you spend your time doing what you love most?

If any of this sounds like you, then it may have been karma that brought us together!

I happen to LOVE creating backlink webs! I’ve created this backlink web package specifically to help you spend less time on boring backlinking strategies, and more time doing what you do best.. Creating!

What’s in this SEO Web backlink package

This package includes 12 high ranking web properties set up for you.Then you pick 3 links that you want me to include in the initial web backlink set up.

List of Backlinking sites that will be created for your specific brand, Shop or Website.

  • Blogspot
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets – this could be a slide show for shop webs
  • Google Website
  • Tumblr Blog
  • Academia account (1 Article uploaded)
  • Symbaloo
  • Pearl Trees
  • Bag the Web
  • Mix
  • Listly

How it Works

1) You will complete a consultation questionnaire where you will need to either establish or let me have temporary access to a gmail account (to tie to the google sites) and indicate which 3 links you wish to have backlinked in addition to the main site. I can also include pinterest pins and facebook posts in the backlinking webs if you will give me the links to those accounts. I just need to be able to see the posts/pins.

2) You will return the questionnaire to me.

3)I will create your SEO web backlinks network. When I have completed the network, backlinked your 3 items and submitted them for indexing you will receive a google spreadsheet which indicated the links, usernames/passwords for your web properties and a google document that will help you to be able to continue building backlinks for your other items.

This Package is Best Suited For

Anyone who needs to get found in Google.

What You Need To Get Started

You will need a gmail email address that I can have access to temporarily. Then you will need to supply me with your main shop or site link and links to 3 posts or items you wish to use to start your backlinking web.

Questions? Standing by to give you answers 🙂

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