The 5 Best Link Building Techniques of 2019–20

The 5 Best Link Building Techniques of 2019–20

The 5 Best Link Building Techniques of 2019–20 (source —

The secret to great SERP rankings is awesome backlinks. But link building techniques can be hard to execute for someone who is just starting out.

The bigger problem is that there are hundreds of ways to build backlinks. Not knowing where to start can be really confusing.

So, in this blog, we are going to share five advanced SEO backlink strategies and concepts that actually work and deliver the best results. Being a digital marketing training academy, we have been investing our time, skills, and efforts in these types of advanced link building techniques over a long period of time. And now, those high-profile backlinks are consistently helping us attaining brilliant organic and referral results.

The best part is that they are all scalable and can be used for any type of website and blog.

Here are the five best link building techniques of 2019–20 that you should not miss:

Infographics Link Building

In recent few years, Infographic link building has been one of the favorite link building techniques for most SEO and internet marketing experts. In 2016 -2017, infographics received 62% more backlinks than any other type of content.

The idea behind infographic link building is very simple — use infographics to steal your competitor’s backlinks and strengthen your own inbound link profile.

Find a few interesting pieces of contents on a topic relevant to your industry with a lot of backlinks. Then summarize those contents in a beautifully designed infographic and cite the sources.

Besides, you can do the same with your own contents too. Visual representation is always powerful. You can select any of your published contents and brief the important points of that in the form of a nice infographic.

Finally, use a link building tool to contact all the people linking to the original content and send them your infographic along with an embed code.

This single SEO backlink strategy can generate hundreds of high-quality backlinks with very little effort. Most users prefer graphic content to text content. So, if people are linking to the original text content, they will link back to your infographic.

Podcast Link Building

Podcasting is a great SEO backlink strategy and can generate a ton of targeted traffic along with the backlinks. 48 million people listen to podcasts in America alone as of 2018.

A podcast is a great way to improve your online presence. There are so many people who prefer the audio version of your content over text. Podcasts are the perfect way to tap into that crowd.

You can talk about important topics on your niche on the podcasts and even get other experts involved to voice their opinions.

People who listen to a podcast are not there by mistake. They know what kind of content they are subscribing to.

So, the traffic generated from the podcasts is high-quality traffic that is already interested in your products and services. These people are much more likely to convert than any random person who has no idea about your niche.

Wondering how to make backlinks if you do not have a podcast? Ask podcast publishers in your niche to interview you. Chances are that they will agree and you get backlinks and a great start to podcasting at the same time.

Guest Posting and Link Building

Guest posting is one of the most important link building techniques that any SEO expert needs to master.

High-quality guest posts can bring in a lot of authoritative inbound links and build a lot of trust in your brand in your niche.

The good news is that there are lots of blogs in every industry that accept guest-posts. So, there is never a shortage of places to pitch a guest post to gather a diverse number of relevant and quality backlinks.

The beauty of guest posting is that you can easily pair it up with other link building tactics. For instance, you could pair up guest posting and infographics to leverage guestographic links like Brian Dean.

Content Repurposing and Link Building

Content marketing has become a big buzzword these days. The problem is that most people only focus on content creation and not on marketing it.

Repurposing old contents can be a valuable way to gather new inbound links. In fact, this is one of the simplest link building techniques for any business with its existing contents. Videofruit made $10,000 in 24 hours by promoting his existing content.

The simplest ways to repurpose content is to publish your content on multiple platforms in different shapes and formats. Another easy win is to update old posts and republish for a ton of new traffic.

You could even create a resource page and put some of your best works into an ebook to get lots of new and targeted backlinks.

Using this simple and effective link building strategy, you can improve your site’s Domain Authority and keep users engaged even without pumping in new contents.

You can even boost your email outreach using repurposed content in the form of free downloadable.

Influencer Marketing and Link Building

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful link building techniques.

According to a survey by Collective Bias, 70% of millennials prefer product endorsements by non-celebrity bloggers. Imagine how many sales you could get from one influencer endorsement.

Influencers already have a huge audience in your industry and tapping into that network can help you build quality backlinks in a short amount of time.

The idea behind influencer marketing is not just building a backlink. A single backlink from an influencer could drive a ton of traffic and sales to your business.

In 2019, this is going to be one of the most powerful backlink strategies that will deliver the best results because you instantly gain access to a large audience with your existing contents.

What Can You Do Next?

Before focusing on link building, you must create and publish great contents which will attract inbound links naturally. Additionally, networking and building relationships with your industry people, leaders and influencers will help you earn more such authoritative backlinks.

Thereafter, start building your own backlinks using these five simple and effective link building strategies. Tell us how well they work for you.

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