The Benefits Of A SEO Website Design

The Internet has become a huge thing nowadays, and it is basically the biggest library, marketplace as well as a communication method that people use all around the world. And with that saying, there is no better way of marketing your business than by using internet and website promotion. The problem with this is that your website might go unnoticed among the hundreds of similar ones.

Now, as you might know, the best way of improving your website traffic is true SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a method of reaching your target audience more efficiently through things like keywords, embedded links, clear and simple ads, as well as website design. And the layout of the page is a thing people seem to forget about. Most people don’t understand the importance of investing in a good and a user-friendly website design that helps SEO – they think that if they have enough few keywords included that will do the job. But, with mobile and tablet searches taking around 60% of all search queries it is vital to have your website support all the options.

Let’s take a look at how and why can reasonable website design benefit your business.


Should I Do SEO On My Own

The answer to this question is pretty simple – if you are familiar with how SEO works, you have the right time and tools, do it yourself why not. But if you are beginning from scratch, it would be better to hire an SEO agency with qualified experts that will do everything for you and at a pretty modest price.

The Benefits Of User-Friendly Website Design

  1. User Experience. Instead of focusing on fancy and shiny presentations invest in a user-friendly website that will be both PC and mobile compatible, and that will allow for swift navigation and readability. And believe us Google measures the usability of your website through few indicators, with user-friendly one being among the top few.
  2. Along with that, the more responsive your website is, the better your chances of having success are. Studies have shown that over 50% of visitors leave the website if it does not load in the first 3 seconds. That is a huge number and another reason why you should invest in design.


  1. Lower Bounce Rate. If your website is engaging and readable enough, chances are the visitor will stay longer and with that, the bounce rate will be lower. Bounce rate is once again among the top few indicators that Google looks at when rating your website, so take that into consideration.
  2. Mobile Experience. You should aim that your website has mobile experience at the first place – this is for the sole fact that mobile and tablet searches are taking over the traditional methods. Studies suggest that website that is not mobile responsive have almost no chance of being highly visited.
  3. Cost-Effective. Along with that, it is much cheaper investing in a responsive website design that will include SEO, marketing and interactive rather than having a number of websites that do not serve the purpose. This way you will be avoiding the duplicate content as well, and social media marketing will be much easier once your website is multiple devices.


  1. Better Backlinking. Last, but not least responsible website design will boost your backlinking. As you can focus only on a single domain, chances are the SEO and links will be built better and thus increase your website traffic. And once again it really does matter to Google – it sees backlinks as a type of reference to a high-quality content, so the better your website design is, the higher the chances are of your page being boosted!


As you can see, although sometimes forgotten, good website design can bring you a lot of benefits. On the other hand, it is not expensive, and if you hire a good agency, you will have the work done in a matter of a few days or even faster. When it comes to SEO and website traffic the key is to follow the upcoming trends, and not stay outdated – that saying, with mobile searches being on rising website responsiveness is one of the most important ones!


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