Top 5 SEO Strategies To Implement Into Your Business Now

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential element to increasing traffic to your business website and thus boosting profits. However, many businesses fail to implement top SEO strategies. From well-placed calls to action to netting quality backlinks, there are plenty of search optimization strategies to implement.

Sure, running a business takes time, and you may not have much of it to spend on SEO. But the time investment to build SEO strategy and optimize digital marketing strategies could be quite.

It’s important for business owners to think ROI. “It is vital to ensure your company’s search marketing strategy positions you to achieve peak online performance and get the best ROI for your digital marketing dollar,” a Philadelphia digital marketing agency explained.

The following SEO strategies aim to save you a bit of time in the research department, all you need to do is implement them. Let’s dive in!

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1. Optimize Content For The Future

Optimizing content is certainly nothing new. You have probably read a few articles about content, SEO, and keywords. However, run-of-the-mill keyword research and injection into your website and blogs won’t generate the traffic you want in 2018 and beyond.

It’s time to step into the future of optimizing content. The rise of mobile search has set new rules for optimization. For instance, voice search optimization and local search have taken precedence.

What does this look like? Let’s say you’re a plumber in Dallas. Instead of using traditional keywords, like “plumber,” you would think natural speech. Someone may voice search for, “I need a plumber” or “Number for the closest plumber” to get the best search result.

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2. SEO Website Images

Visual content, like images, plays a big role in SEO, marketing, and creating a personalized user experience. In fact, consumers are craving more visual content from businesses, and the ones that satisfy that demand are increasing profits.

But a website or blog filled with large, clunky images with no alt text or compression will defeat the SEO purpose. To combat this and ensure your images are all over Google Image search, optimize them to perfection.

To do this, first, compress the image. This is actually extremely easy to do, ecause you can use a WordPress plugin called Next is image alt text that is a keyword drop that looks like this if you had an image of a brown bear for example:

<img src=”bear.png” alt=”brown bear in Alaska river catching fish”>.

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3. Optimize Site Speed

You’ll be pleased to know that by optimizing your website’s visual content, like images, you already took the first step in optimizing your site speed. Site speed has a lot to do with the popularity of mobile search as well.

Mobile users have less patience for slow loading sites and will abandon your site after a few seconds. This makes optimizing your website for speed an SEO must. How? First, you should test your site speed. You can use an online speed test, like Pingdom to get a clearer picture.

Next, jump into your Google Analytics to see what pages are loading the slowest. These pages are increasing your overall site speed and Google is paying attention. Rumor has it that Google is boosting SERP ranking based on site speed.

Optimize your wweb pages blogs, and provide a strong user experience that will increase traffic, and thus conversions.

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4. Leverage Long In-Depth Content

Let’s return to the topic of content, since it is indeed still a powerful ranking factor, and provides a strong user experience. A study by Backlinko found that content in upwards of 2000 words in length ranked higher in SERPs.

What does this tell us? Create longer, more in-depth content, because Google likes it, and so does your audience. This can be lengthy landing pages on your website digging deeper about your product or service. It can also be a long blog content that is authoritative and actionable.

This SEO tactic will also help you capitalize on more keywords, and earn you more backlinks since people are more likely to quote and share long authoritative articles that solve a problem, highlight tips a, d tricks, or is just amazing.

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5. Build A Robust Backlink Portfolio

Backlinks are still a strong ranking signal in the eyes of Google, and the higher your website ranks in SERPs, the more traffic and sales you’ll be making. This makes building a backlink portfolio more important than ever before.

However, you need to net backlinks the right way. One tried-and-true method is to create content people want to quote and share (see SEO strategy #3). Another SEO strategy is to put an outreach plan into motion.

This can be via asking for resource page links on other industry related sites, guest blogging, or hunting down your aesthetically pleasing visual content other sites have used and didn’t give you a backlink for.

Ready To Increase Your Website Traffic?

The above five SEO strategies are only the tip of the iceberg. But they are very important optimization hacks any busy business owner can implement starting today.

Many search optimization strategies actually compliment each other, so after you do one, another may be slightly easier, and so on. The important thing is to make SEO a priority. The growth and success of your business depend on it.

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