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Understanding what the backlinks are

When we need information, it is common to do the following: search for the desired keyword in the search engines, quickly look at the first results that appear and click on one of them, right? There are few people who spend time analyzing in detail all the results shown by the search engines. Even less is the number of users who go to the second page. That is why maintaining a page in the first results of the search engines has become increasingly important and desired by digital entrepreneurs.

Today there are already several strategies that can be used to improve the level of your posts and be up on the search page. One of them is using backlinks and. If you have never heard of them or you still have many doubts on this subject, do not despair! It is about them that we are going to talk to you in this post. After reading this post, you might think to buy backlinks for SEO.

What are the backlinks?

The backlinks are the links that direct users from one web page to another, either within the same domain or to domains of other people or companies. In other words, in a text you can have backlinks that guide the user within your own site or to other posts related to the topic you are explaining. Internal backlinks allow people reading your post to access different pages, but complementary to the topic you are dealing with, optimizing their experience and even increasing the time they spend on your site.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of creating backlinks that direct to other sites, mainly when the topic has not been fully addressed in any of your pages or if you need to provide other explanations that you will not touch in the development of your post. In this case, backlinks are added to direct users to domains that you trust and that are authorities in the subject in question.

Finally, there are also backlinks that bring people to your site. This happens when another site or blog adds an external link to your content, directing its users to one of your pages. By doing this, these sites inform visitors that you are a reference in a certain topic and you can solve the doubts they had. For that reason, the correct use of backlinks is an important strategy of inbound marketing, since it helps to guarantee a good positioning in the search engines and increase the traffic of your site. However, there are two types of backlinks and it is important that you know the difference between them in order to use them correctly.

Dofollow links

Dofollow are the links that transmit authority from one page to another. Let's see an example: if you talk about technology in your blog and a large portal in the area adds a link to your page, this action reinforces the relevance of your content and increases your image as a reference in that topic. The same thing happens when you add dofollow links on your own site. By directing users to the pages you consider relevant, you reinforce the importance and credibility of these sites threat synonym.

In short, adding dofollow backlinks shows users that you consider that trusted page, which increases traffic and sends a positive message to Google, noticing the value of the suggested pages.

Nofollow links

The links identified as nofollow do not pass authority between the pages. The addition of this tag to a link prevents the creation of a relationship with the linked site. This can be useful to those who need to mention an untrustworthy page with doubtful content, which should be avoided at all costs. Another utility of the nofollow is also to avoid that the links added in comments are read as backlinks by Google, which can affect the positioning of your page.

Backlinks strategy is one of the easiest strategies to optimize SEO. If you are running on this strategy, make sure you only select quality links impact synonym.

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