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What Are the Most Effective Link Building Methods in 2019?


Link building is no longer the same as it was in the early years of search engine optimization. Gone are the days of bulk link harvesting and the link-for-pay schemes that dominated SEO strategies in the past. With the changes implemented by online search leader Google (News – Alert), everyone is compelled to obtain links naturally or organically. The quality of links is given more priority over the quantity.




To achieve SEO success in the link building aspect, renowned SEO and digital marketing company suggests the following methods.

1. Contests

Holding contests is not only an effective strategy for raising brand awareness on social media. It also applies to link building. You can launch a contest asking bloggers or website owners to write a post about your brand or product. The winner can be decided by a raffle or based on creativity. This is a more cost-efficient way to solicit backlinks (compared to buying links) as you will only have to pay a few participants. The bloggers or site owners may eventually decide to remove your link, but most are unlikely to do so especially if you leave a long gap between the launching of the contest and the announcement of the winner.

2. Guest posting

This may already be a common practice, but it’s worth highlighting its importance in link building campaigns. You can get quality links from established high authority sites by submitting content to them that bears a link to your site or product page. Just make sure that when you do this, you are getting a regular link and not a “nofollow” one. Also, ensure the highest quality when writing your posts to build relationships with the target sites and ensure that they will be willing to accommodate your future submissions.

3. Making your site an online resource

If your site contains a lot of useful materials, it won’t be difficult to obtain backlinks. These materials could be infographics, research reports, statistics, graphs, maps, guides, lists, e-books, or tutorials. If you produce high-quality references, many internet users will likely be drawn to your site and want to use your digital properties. You will be making these resources free for non-commercial use, but in return, the users will have to link to your site or to the specific pages where the reference materials are posted.

The references you post should be related to your brand or products and should bear the appropriate keywords. This is because the content you have on your site also contributes to your brand’s searchability and overall online presence. They can help improve your rank in Google as they attract visitors (mostly coming from search results) and earn backlinks.

4. Soliciting backlinks

Of course, the traditional method of asking for backlinks is still effective in 2019 and even in the years to come. You can ask your friends, family members, or colleagues who have blogs or websites to link to your site. You can also participate in link exchanges. You won’t be getting the bulk of your links this way, but it can still contribute to the number of links pointing to your site.

Topping search results is virtually impossible without links. After all, it is through links that search engine crawlers find and index your site or pages. That’s why you still have to exert some effort for link building without forgetting that producing high quality content should be prioritized.

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