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Why Do Some SEO Companies Not Cater to Some Niches?

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Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to hire an SEO agency, not because there aren’t good agencies but because some are very selective about who they take on. Most SEO companies would decline to work on your site if it is an adult site, or offers gambling, for example. This can create problems for many sites.

Many websites even categorically list niches that they do not cater to. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes it is because of a lack of time, and sometimes because of money matters. SEO can be expensive and most companies do not like to negotiate the price. While such issues are understandable, at times companies would decline you due to their unwillingness to work on your site due to the niche that it belongs to.

George Konidis, an SEO expert working out of Toronto says, “Some companies have rules that they like to follow and remain true to. Some find it unethical to promote certain sites and some stay away certain niches as they are harder to rank than others.”

The difficulty level depends on how populated a niche is, and obviously there are more adult sites or gambling sites than there are ecommerce stores hence it is harder to rank such sites. Now this doesn’t mean that working on e-commerce stores or such other sites is a piece of cake, but many experts agree that it is comparatively easier.

However, many people also wonder how such sites are able to rank well on Google when there are no companies catering to them and nobody is sharing their links.

Matt Cutts answered this question a few year ago. Check out this video to know how it works:

Nonetheless, all sites need SEO, because they all want to rank well. Plus, the way to rank any site is same.

You need to work on the same tactics because Google does NOT differentiate between sites based on niche. It does, however, differentiates between sites based on authority.

But, not all sites have to be authoritative. Some sites are there just for the sake of it. Plus, it is not illegal to run an online casino or have an adult site, for as long as you meet all the legal requirements.

Most clients do not understand why an SEO firm would decline to work for them because some would not even give a reason for doing so. The truth is that at times there are no reasons.

Some companies would decline you simply because everyone else is doing it. They have no reason to. They do not even know why other SEO companies declined you, but since everyone’s doing it, they’d follow suit.

However, just because one consultant declined you, doesn’t mean there are no other options. Do not give up, and look for someone who would be willing to take on challenges. There are companies that cater to all kinds of clients and would be happy to help you.

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