Why do you need an SEO reseller?

What are SEO resellers?

An SEO reseller is just an agency that focuses on SEO and white labels its services to alternative agencies (typically design, development and marketing agencies).

Think of it as a team of SEO specialists with extremely developed processes for delivering higher search results across completely different verticals.

SEO resellers usually have intensive relationships with publishers, editors and writers to urge high-quality backlinks at scale. a lot of usually than not, they even have a team of copywriters to assist you craft content.

It’s not uncommon for top resellers to supply customers a straightforward dashboard for ordering links/content and pursuit results. Some resellers additionally white label this dashboard thus you’ll be able to show your purchasers specifically how their campaign is playing.

In short, SEO resellers assist you supply purchaser’s SEO services while not really hiring any in-house SEO specialists.

The reseller takes care of all the computer programmed improvement, and you pocket the profits.

It’s not continually this straightforward though. SEO can be fickle thus read on for more information.

The benefits of using an SEO reseller

You currently recognize the fundamental reasons to use SEO resellers – extra money, less overheads – however there are many edges that transcend this.

Let’s check out some of those below.

1. You’ll be able to focus on your core-competency

If you are a design or development agency, you must target what you are sensible at.

SEO is complicated. you mustn’t essentially be wasting it slow determining a way to get backlinks. Instead, you must target the 2 things agencies ought to do to be successful: a) get clients, and b) deliver gorgeous results to aforementioned purchasers.

2. You get scalable results

There is an enormous distinction between “results” and “scalable results”.

Sure, you may rent a freelancer who gets you ten quality links for a consumer. however once identical consumer desires five hundred links, your freelancer can be fully out of depth.

SEO is extremely method driven. SEO resellers have established processes to seek out link building opportunities, making content and leverage editorial relationships. thanks to these processes, they’ll provide scalable results as and once you want them.

3. You’ll be able to work with niche specialists

What does one do once a consumer asks for SEO services in an exceedingly niche you have got no expertise in (say E-commerce or local search)?

This is wherever an SEO reseller will facilitate. Since resellers work with countless customers, they sometimes have experience across totally different niches. this suggests you’ll be able to serve E-commerce purchasers further as native search purchasers = a lot of profits for you

4. You get “on-demand” services

Most quality SEO freelancers can demand a retainer. Hiring full-time SEOs does not build any sense till you have got enough billable SEO hours.

SEO resellers, on the opposite hand, operate associate degree “on-demand” model. There are sometimes no subscription plans or contracts; you acquire what you wish, once you want it.

The result?

Lower overhead prices and better profits.

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