Why is SEO important for your website?

Online tutorials and free tools have made it easier for anyone to just pick up a laptop and build a website. Frankly speaking, you can learn to develop a website from scratch within a day. This is something that has both sides to it and can be considered good as well as bad. The positive aspects are talked about a lot but rarely anyone mentions the negative points. In this article, you would see some light being shed on negative points as well.

The flexibility with all the provided resources enables one to build a website without even having a prior knowledge about it. The web development is on a rise and there is more than thousands of website going live daily. Now though it seems like a good thing, it is hindering the business market. Following are a few things you should consider before opting or rejecting the idea of SEO.

How does it work for small businesses?

A small business usually depends on promotion to get things through. So, when everyone starts building web pages it becomes very difficult for a small business to get noticed. Imagine a stack. So the first object goes in and now whatever you add to the stack will pile on top of it. To get to the bottom object you would have to pull everything out first.

Now you could apply a similar idea to a small business website. The website is created, and a general growth is expected but due to other sites going live it piles all upon this website. The worst thing that could happen now is to fall down the search engine rank. Search engine rank is basically a rank given to a website based on the number of hits it gets.

Imagine opening up Google search and you search for something completely bizarre. You get your results but you are not sure which link is giving you the right answer. According to a survey conducted it is 40 percent likely that you would click on the first link regardless you feel it is right or wrong and also there is a 30 percent chance of you not trusting other links or maybe the other search page of Google.

  1. Page Rank

Page rank is really important. The better the rank, the better the chance of exposure and SEO helps you achieve just that.

Imagine you designed a really good product, but you were never able to gather an audience for it. This would be sad. But say you went with SEO and got a better page rank, you would be able to get a good reach. This is how small businesses develop. If the product gets even a little light shed on it and people actually start seeing it, you would get the necessary feedback and responses to develop the product targeted to the interested audience.

  1. The Tools

SEO provides you with the right tools to make this possible. You are able to see where you should focus more to make the most out of your website. By this I mean you get to see a view of a particular location and how the audiences are reacting to what in that particular location. With the help of this idea, you could optimize the webpage, use the right keywords to attract people.

Yeah, keywords are really important. Keyword means the terms that people use to search for stuff online. If you are able to use the right set of keywords your webpage is likely to pop up in the searches. SEO helps with that.

  1. Authenticity

Also, there is a sense of authenticity. As mentioned earlier, you are 40 percent likely to choose the first webpage link. So if your webpage pops up at the start every time you search a particular term people would feel like the website is more reliable. This makes your website create a brand name. Since you would be on top of the page, people would likely discuss you, more than other web pages that follow.

These are the few things that you should consider when you are starting a business and planning not to opt for SEO. Many companies like Atlanta SEO Company offer competent and affordable SEO services.

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